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Community description:Finding titles for your fanworks is hard. We're here to help.
So, you've just created the greatest fanwork of your life? That's awesome! Only now you have to find a title for it so you can actually share your creation with the rest of the world. The problem is finding a title is hard and aggravating.

Here at Entitled, we've decided to crowd source this problem.

How Does This Thing Work?

1. You've just finished some awesome fanwork you'd like to post, but can't come up with a title. Titles are hard, so you come here for help.

2. Post an entry to this community. In your post, tell us what fandom it's for, what kind of fanwork it is (fic, vid, art, etc.), and give us a brief summary of the content. If you'd like, you can tell us if you love/hate song titles, what the feel of the piece is, if you love/hate puns, or what have you. Give us as much information as you feel we need to get a good handle on what you're doing in order for us to offer suggestions.

3. Once you find a title you like, either from the community or somewhere else, simply edit your entry to let us know and enjoy your title!

***A word of advice: If you know what sort of piece you'll end up with when you start, make a post here before it's finished. This will give our members time to brainstorm a title for you BEFORE you finish. This means no waiting when it comes time to publish your work!


1. Don't be a dick!

2. If your entry is long, or you have multiple requests in one post, please put it under a cut.

3. Once you find a title, please edit your entry to let us know!

4. Feel free to browse past posts for unused titles.

5. Everyone is allowed and encouraged to offer title suggestions. Just remember to be respectful!

6. Please tag for fandom and genre.

7. Right now there's no formal template for making posts. If we find that doesn't work too well, we'll come up with something more structured.
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